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Audition Notice – Two Witches, no Waiting

June 15 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Audition Notice 

Two Witches, No Waiting by Pat Cook

A screwball romantic comedy about two witches (or are they?), a missing housekeeper, a sentient house and a determined housing developer.


Directed by Marissa Fischer: (604) 506 – 2993 Blogtodiffer@gmail.com (email or text preferred)

Wednesday, June 12th, 18:00 – 21:00
Rockwood Lounge, 5511 Shorncliffe Ave, Sechelt, BC

Saturday June 15th, 13:00 – 16:00
St. Bart’s, 659 N Rd, Gibsons, BC

Callback Monday June 17th, 18:00 – 21:00
Mission Point House, 4603 Sunshine Coast Hwy, Sechelt, BC

Show Run

First three weeks of November at Gibsons Heritage 662 N Rd, Gibsons, BC

  • Fri Nov 1 (evening)
  • Sat Nov 2 (evening)
  • Sun Nov 3 (matinee)
  • Fri Nov 8 (evening)
  • Sat Nov 9 (evening)
  • Sun Nov 10 (matinee)
  • Fr Nov 15 (evening)
  • Sat Nov 16 (evening)
  • Sun Nov 17 (matinee)

We will have one table read in late June, with rehearsals starting in earnest in September. It is also my intention to organize a couple of informal, optional cast workshops through July and August. Stay tuned for more information on those.


  • Arlene Marcus – An easy-going 60-year-old. Interested in Sheriff Jeb. Used to being the “social buffer” for her sister. Always coming up with practical explanations for her behaviour.
  • Elzbeth – Arlene’s eccentric younger sister. She is a self-proclaimed phrenologist (tells stuff about people by the bumps on their head). Is she really a witch, or just enjoys messing with people?
  • Jeremy Marcus – Arlene’s overly tactful son, 30s. Affianced to Kit. Interested in Bonnie.
  • Bonnie Webster – A bright 25-year-old housekeeper. Interested in Jeremy. How much does she really know about the witches and what’s going on?
  • Sheriff Jeb Abercrombie – A laid-back 50s-ish constable. Interested in Arlene.
  • Kit Sternwood – A pompous brat in her 20s. Affianced to Jeremy. Daughter of Sternwood. I envision her as your typical whiny “Southern Belle”. “ Does she love Jeremy, or see him as a means to her father’s ends?
  • Eustace Sternwood – A pushy businessman in his 50s. Kit’s father. I envision him as your typical Texan developer – 10 gallon hat; rattleskin boots; bolo.
  • Opal Dunn / Lila Dunn – A panicky housekeeper with a secret, and Opal’s mother (sort of)
  • Note: Opal could be played by any gender, or old / young. A young man could play Opal, and cross-dress as his mother, or play his father. A teenager could play Opal, and then come back as her aging mother. Each option has its own opportunity for pathos and comedy.

Note about Casting

I look at the cast as two distinct generations – the “kids” Bonnie, Kit, and Jeremy and the “parents / older generation” the sisters, Sheriff Jeb and Sternwood. While I included the ages as listed in the script, I don’t particularly care about the average age of the generation, just that the other set is appropriately offset. (ie the “kids” are late 20s/early 30s, and the “parents” are 50s/60s. Or the “kids” are late 30s/40s and the “parents” are 60s/70s, etc.) I will determine this based on who auditions and how they fit together.

This is an ensemble comedic cast with several throughlines – the witches (or are they?) and their desire to hold onto their historic home; Jeremy in his “love triangle” with Bonnie and Kit; Sheriff Jeb and his desire to keep the peace; Sternwood and his desire to “modernize” the town; Bonnie and her investigation into what’s really going on.

We also will be welcoming new and veteran crew members to assist with sets, props, publicity, graphics and other essential shenanigans! Please contact Bill. wbforst@gmail.com


June 15
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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