Many thanks to Judith Wilson and Angie Theilmann, for joining forces to oversee the 2016 summer season of Story Theatre. It's been a fun and successful season thanks to their hard work, and to our wonderful team of directors, writers, actors, music makers, and stage crew!

Driftwood Players Story Theatre is also grateful to the community, and to our local donors - Wayne Rowe Law, The Blackberry Shop, and Dr. Bland - for their generous donations.

Who we are: A fun, no-experience necessary theatre group, performing outdoors for the public around the Sunshine Coast. If you're interested in being involved in community public theatre, please contact us!

Mission Statement: Story Theatre encourages Sunshine Coasters, young and old, to get involved in public theatre. Performed for free and in outdoor venues, volunteers bring familiar fables to life.


Last update:
October 25, 2016