Congratulations to the winners of the Coast Youth Playwriting Project! From left to right, Emma Judd, 19, Darius Meikle, 16, and Gabriel Ryan, 15. Stay tuned, the winning plays will be presented in November at the Heritage Playhouse!

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It's that time again! Time to start planting new seeds. Driftwood is here to grow, with the changing tastes and talents of the Sunshine Coast! We would love your ideas and feedback on how you'd like to see Driftwood Players develop!

All are welcome to join us on Thursday, March 30th at St. Bartholomew's Church, 659 North Rd., in Gibsons, 6:30pm for a Driftwood Vision Meeting.

The board members held a preliminary visioning meeting earlier this month, led by Driftwood Board member Peter Borgmann, who is also leading the application for a gaming grant. We broadly outlined Driftwood objectives as:

  1. two productions/year for Driftwood MainStage

  2. continued ad hoc pop-up performances

  3. reduced Story Theatre season

  4. costume shoppe to continue to rent to public, also potentially move to new location with more amenities

  5. community outreach will continue to be encouraged/supported, with renewed focus on youth engagement

  6. in process of documenting assets (costumes, etc.), and also negotiating for more assets (van, supplies, etc.)

  7. room for Theatre School to grow in technology and in paid staff

  8. Driftwood 'home' for admin., meetings, rehearsals etc., possibly with small theatre, and if so where?

At the upcoming meeting, we will discuss how we can hone in and implement these goals. Are we as a community in agreement with these goals, and how can we best achieve follow-through with them?

Hope to see you there!







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