The Garage Sale

April 14-29
Fridays and Saturdays 7:30pm
Matinees April 16, 23 and 29, 2pm

Gibsons Heritage Playhouse

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About the play

Written by David King. Directed by Anthony Paré
At the heart of The Garage Sale is a story of two lost men. Billy has no home, family, or community; Phil is alienated from home, family, and community. Both are uncertain, untethered. Both are searching for meaning and connection. Billy seems to have nothing. He wanders the streets searching for his lost home while being shunned by society. Phil seems to have the whole package - the wife and kids, the house in the suburbs, the white picket fence - and feels estranged from all of it. Although very different, they share a shaky grasp of what others call "reality."